Ecobrick - Create from waste

Solid waste management is one of the biggest challenge and its destroying ecosystem. Plastic came to the world only 50 years ago and very few know how to dispose of it. You cant burn it, throw it or bury it. It's coming back into our food cycle. Plastic consumption has to be reduced, reuse and recycle.
Mountains where recycling facilities are not available, you are left with reducing and reuse. 
Discussions and Brain Storming, and some small tiny steps, this is what we have come up to.
Ecobricks Stool- Stuff all the plastic waste into a bottle, tie it and its ready to use.

8 simple ways we can reduce the use of plastic ..

<p>The best thing about plastic is its durability, but unfortunately, that is the reason it is so dangerous. It takes decades to decompose and stays on land or the sea as solid waste.</p> <p>The concept of &lsquo;use &amp; throw&rsquo; was an instant hit. It was low cost, time-saving and convenient. We never even realized how much plastic waste was being generated due to these disposables which are choking our drainage system and killing marine life. We have produced more plastic in the last decade than it was produced in the entire century.</p> <p>The reality is that we are so habituated with it that it&rsquo;s going to be difficult to stop using it. The simplest way to reduce plastic is by reusing it. We must take simple steps that will create a big impact.</p> <p>So, here are 8 simple ways we can reduce the use of plastic-</p>

5 things that you need to know about #Mission Gange

<p>Each one of us directly or indirectly has been polluting the environment from ages. Now, nature has started showing its wrath in the form of global warming, climate change, dying aquatic animals and many more. So, what do we do? &amp; Where to start?</p> <p>We can start with the smaller things like not throwing garbage at public places to spreading awareness among others to conducting cleaning drives.</p> <p>The awe-inspiring leadership of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) has gathered a team from various backgrounds to embark on this mission of a clean India through cleaning the river Ganga which was one of the cleanest rivers once is now one of the most polluted rivers in the world.</p> <p>Here, are the 5 things that you need to know about #missiongange</p>

Premlata Agarwal – A Woman Extraordinaire

<p>India is an incredible country in many aspects but sadly not in terms of adventure sports opportunities it offers to women, especially its <em>Middle-aged Married</em> women. We take this for granted, that they will stay at home, care for their children, and maybe will take up a 9 to 5 job to supplement the income of their husbands. Adventure has always been the domain of hardy men, boys and maybe young girls or spinsters but definitely not of <em>Middle-aged Married</em> women, especially the ones with kids.</p> <p>How many of us know a woman, a homemaker, exactly like our mothers or aunts, with family and kids, who broke loose all the above stereotypes and dogmas to follow her passion and live a life extraordinaire? <strong><em>Padma Shri Premlata Agarwal</em></strong> is exactly that.</p>

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