TSAF shines at National Sport Climbing Championship

<p>Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), the national governing body for adventure sports in India, in association with General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure (GETHNAA), a state-run academy for adventure sports, organized the <strong>22nd edition of National Sports Climbing Championship</strong> from 17<sup>th</sup> -20<sup>th</sup> Dec&rsquo; 16 at Bengaluru</p>

Tata Steel’s Senior Executives in Dayara

<p>Initiating young Tata Steel employees in adventure activities is an everyday routine at TSAF, but that day Ms. Bachendri Pal, its Director was overly concerned, even a bit apprehensive. The trek she had to organize and lead was a simple one, and she had been on this route many a times. However, the participants were not the usual ones. They consisted of the Vice President of Tata Steel Corporate Services under whose jurisdiction the TSAF came, and his family, along with other senior executives of Tata Steel and their families. The VP Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, had booked this trek three months ago, humbly insisting on even paying for it. Though he had been through a much grueling adventure course under Ms. Pal during his initial days, he now wished to relive those memories and also initiate his 7 years old daughter Deepika and his delicate looking wife Jolly into the world of the wild. Along came some more enthusiasts Mr. Suresh Kumar, also the Vice President- Shared Services, and wife Neelu, Mr. Uttam Singh, wife and two children Geetika and Rohan, both teenagers, Mr. Rajiv Kumar and wife Sumita, Dr. Dubey and wife Dr. Manju and an exception among these couples Mr. MC Thomas who came alone. All except the children were in their late 40s and 50s, the oldest even in 60s. For the ladies it was their maiden encounter with the mountains, bare a few hours trek in Jamshedpur. Even the gentlemen except Thomas were visiting the high vistas after a long gap. All were highly placed in the society, and were accustomed to the luxuries of life. The concern about their fitness and safety was natural, though all of us at TSAF were impressed by their initiative to take up the challenge voluntarily.</p>

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