Premlata Agarwal – A Woman Extraordinaire

<p>India is an incredible country in many aspects but sadly not in terms of adventure sports opportunities it offers to women, especially its <em>Middle-aged Married</em> women. We take this for granted, that they will stay at home, care for their children, and maybe will take up a 9 to 5 job to supplement the income of their husbands. Adventure has always been the domain of hardy men, boys and maybe young girls or spinsters but definitely not of <em>Middle-aged Married</em> women, especially the ones with kids.</p> <p>How many of us know a woman, a homemaker, exactly like our mothers or aunts, with family and kids, who broke loose all the above stereotypes and dogmas to follow her passion and live a life extraordinaire? <strong><em>Padma Shri Premlata Agarwal</em></strong> is exactly that.</p>

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