8 simple ways we can reduce the use of plastic ..

<p>The best thing about plastic is its durability, but unfortunately, that is the reason it is so dangerous. It takes decades to decompose and stays on land or the sea as solid waste.</p> <p>The concept of &lsquo;use &amp; throw&rsquo; was an instant hit. It was low cost, time-saving and convenient. We never even realized how much plastic waste was being generated due to these disposables which are choking our drainage system and killing marine life. We have produced more plastic in the last decade than it was produced in the entire century.</p> <p>The reality is that we are so habituated with it that it&rsquo;s going to be difficult to stop using it. The simplest way to reduce plastic is by reusing it. We must take simple steps that will create a big impact.</p> <p>So, here are 8 simple ways we can reduce the use of plastic-</p>

1. Carry water bottles and reuse them

What if we carry a water bottle along whenever we go out or travelling to some other city and instead of just throwing it away, reuse it the next time. This way you can save some money and reduce waste generation.

Important Fact: Beverage bottles and bottle caps makes for 29% of the total plastic litter in the sea.

2. Replace disposables with reusable crockery

For every social gathering where people come in numbers, we tend to use disposable glasses, spoons and plates which gets disposed from your house but not from earth.

How about replacing them with reusable metal crockery?

3. Carry ‘Carry bags’

Whenever you go out for grocery shopping or buying vegetables, carry a reusable bag with you instead of asking for one.

4. Keep it in your pocket

Even though you want to throw that chocolate wrapper in the dustbin but the dustbin is not available anywhere near you.

We can keep that wrapper inside our pocket or bag till we find a dustbin.

5. Say no to straws

How about informing your waiter that you don’t need a straw, the next time you visit that restaurant?

Fun fact- Straws account for 8% of the total plastic litter in the sea.


6. Buy in Bulk

Try buying in bulk because a 10 Kg bag of rice will produce less plastic that 10 bags of 1 kg each or buying pack of 8 maggies instead of single pc. This way you can save money and some animals.

7. Best from waste

There are 1000s of different ways you can use plastic waste to make something useful.

How about googling them?

8. Support the ban

Let us appreciate and support the measures that our government is taking to ban plastic. The recent ban on plastic carry bags was a good one.

We must reduce the use of plastic because if there is a demand in the market, someone will produce it.

To all the supporters, especially the ones who may not be able to join us during the expedition must contribute with these simple ways of reducing waste generation.

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