Ecobrick - Create from waste

Solid waste management is one of the biggest challenge and its destroying ecosystem. Plastic came to the world only 50 years ago and very few know how to dispose of it. You cant burn it, throw it or bury it. It's coming back into our food cycle. Plastic consumption has to be reduced, reuse and recycle.
Mountains where recycling facilities are not available, you are left with reducing and reuse. 
Discussions and Brain Storming, and some small tiny steps, this is what we have come up to.
Ecobricks Stool- Stuff all the plastic waste into a bottle, tie it and its ready to use.

Waste Segregation

Segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.  Segregating wrappers (chips, kurkure, maggi, soup), disposable bottles, polybags, tetra packs, tin


Stuff wrappers and plastics in the bottle. Uniformly, tightly packed. 

Building blocks

Tie bottles together and make small building blocks

Almost ready!

Blocks of 3,4 and 5 bottles each. Tie them together or stick it with glue. 

Team work

The team of 9 people worked for 2 hours and we created our very first ready to use Ecobricks Stool.

Enjoy you tea

Comfortable and beautiful  

4.5 kgs of plastic wrappers & 19 plastic bottles, generated by 150 participants in 5 10-day courses. Approximately, 28 kgs of CO2 saved from getting released to the atmosphere.

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