Sports Climbing

TSAF climbing training centre is 1st of its kind in Eastern India and the climbing Gym concept perhaps the very few in India. Come and try taking this unique opportunity at your doorstep for TOTAL FITNESS.

Form of rock climbing that relies on permanent anchors fixed to the wall. From a very young age, children climb on chairs, up trees, up staircases, up and down hills, on table etc. In short, anything may provide a pretext for climbing because it is an activity that stimulates childrens creativity. It also contributes to their development in terms of understanding about their bodies and it is always of interest to them because of its infinite variety and the possibilities it offers to their imagination.

In an effort to promote sport climbing, TSAF will train kids and adults to participate at various competitions and bring glory to Jamshedpur.

Kids (less than 18) Adults (More than 18)
Per Month Rs. 350Rs. 500
Per Year Rs. 3850Rs. 5500

TSAF training centre has two walls

50 Feet Wall - It has multiple routes with overhang, for Speed climbing and lead climbing. The climbing routes can be changed from time to time. 2 successfully

Bouldering Wall - The wall is of 15 feet. It has features like crack, overhang, slab, roof to name some. There are crash pads on the ground for providing safety from the fall. These kinds of wall are used to improve ones climbing technique and to cover more difficult routes. It’s like problem solving where the aim is not just to climb up but to climb more difficult routes.

Horse Riding

The equestrian experience offered by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation is a one of a kind experience. you get to enjoy the thrill of horseback riding under the expert guidance of our instructors. The course so designed by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation is not only aimed as a course where you have fun; but acts as a catharsis for a hectic lifestyle. Be at one with the gentle beasts and take home some wonderful memories.

The Horse Riding School, the first of its kind in Jharkhand was set up in 1994 and inaugurated by Dr. J J Irani, then MD of Tata Steel. The school, situated near the Sai Temple, was being run by the Tata Steel Officers Beach Club. The School was handed over to TSAF from Feb 2009. There are only few cities in India which can boast of a fully fledged Riding School. Jamshedpur which is known for its culture of Adventure and Sports is indeed lucky to have such a school — for enjoyment and learning a new skill altogether. Presently there are 7 horses in the school.

Riding Timings: (All days except Tuesday)

Morning Session: 6:00 am to 8:00 am
Evening Session: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Membership Fees

For TATA Steel Employees For Others
One Time Registration Rs. 1000Rs. 2500
Per Month Rs. 800Rs. 1500
Per Year Rs. 8800Rs. 16500

Water Sports Centre

Dimna Lake is an artificial lake in Jamshedpur, which is situated at around 13 km from the city. This lake lies at the foot hills of Dalma Mountain ranges. Construction of this artificial lake is credited to Tata Steel. The lake has been fulfilling the water requirement for the steel plant and also serving the drinking purpose of the locals. Tourists with adventurous spirit can get to participate in different kinds of water sports.

The water sports activity at Dimna starts with a drive to Dimna Camp from our TSAF office. The participants are briefed about the activities right at the beginning of the programme. The activities include tent pitching, improvised raft construction, rafting, debriefing, and camp fun.

One Time Registration Rs. 0

Beyond Fitness

Conducted by: Mrs Premlata Agarwal - Recipient of Padma Shri & 1st Indian Woman to climb 7 summits

Workout/ Aerobics/ Yoga

Takeaways/ Outcomes for family

  • All round fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Stress Relief
  • Inner peace
  • Living with greater awareness
  • Better flexibility & Posture

Participants can choose either of three training slots.

Membership Fees

Per Month Rs. 1100
Per Year Rs. 12100

Venue: TSAF Office, JRD Tata Sports Complex, Jamshedpur

Contact: Umakant Rao 8092565470/ 0657-2643389

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